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Lex factor

EVEN if giant pink MINIs fell out of the skies it could not have been more daft than the case of Ray Heffernan – Ireland’s most famous learner driver.

The hapless Mr Heffernan has just failed his TENTH driving test, making the 61-year-old somewhat of a legend amongst provisional licence holders.

Now by any stretch, the ability to ‘successfully’ fail 10 driving tests in a row, is an achievement in itself but when you see just how Mr Heffernan failed his latest one - you can see ‘success’ it ain’t.


Ray, who hails from Cork, was told by his examiner to take the second exit off the roundabout he had just driven onto.

‘So where is this mini roundabout,’ asked the unfortunate Mr Heffernan as he proceeded over it. What’s even sadder for poor old Ray is the fact that he was so incensed at failing ‘Test Number 10’ that he appealed it to his District Court.

“This injustice had gone on long enough,” stated Ray, in evidence, after it was heard that he was responsible for five potentially dangerous faults and 19 serious faults.

It was declared that he had failed to respond to instructions, over-revved the car and his observations were particularly poor – no wisecracks about female drivers now you ‘smart Alecs’.

“This never happened, it couldn’t have happened,” pleaded Ray, before the judge ruled that the test had been properly conducted and that Mr Heffernan would have to remain a learner driver well into his seventh decade.

Or maybe not … if he gets himself a Lexus CT and goes down the automatic route, where you push a button and everything else looks after itself.

The CT is not just simple driving though, that would be completely disingenuous to the brilliant concept of the CT, first introduced through its cousin, the Prius, over at Toyota.

The CT is of course the best Hybrid driving available to man, from a group of car builders who have led the way in eco motoring.

This is the very latest in Lexus Hybrid technology and is as beautiful a driving experience as you will get from a small car, well by Lexus standards anyway.

The combined power of the CT’s 16 valve engine and the 202 battery knock out an impressive 136bhp, which is more than capable and sweet as a nut when you’re up and running.

The car is very sexy in design, it’s profile is almost hot hatch and the wraparound back window gives a surprising wow factor.

The interior is pure Lexus though, or to use another phrase … quality.


There is one of the most beautiful dash boards complimented by ‘aqua blue’, a sizzling stereo system, and all mod cons including SatNav, heated seats, and leather upholstery.

Entry price for the CT200h ECO model starts at €28,450 leading up to the CT200h Executive model (with all the goodies) at €32,250.