Sunday 18 August 2019

Lex Appeal

Ian Mallon iis bllown away by hot IIS 200 oiill burner

SAYING that women don't understand the offside rule is a bit like saying that women cannot park cars . . . FULL STOP.

Even if females have little knowledge of the rules of association football, or of the fineries in manoeuvring motorised vehicles as close to the kerb as they can, you can no longer say it.

So in the wake of the Sky Sports sexism scandal I have set out a few ground rules for the macho world of motor writing to ensure no offence is ever taken by the various groupings who may read our words from here on.

And dear reader there has been nobody more guilty of discrimination against certain genders, social classes and minority groupings than Herald Top Gear.

Okay so we were never as a grotesque as a Benny Hill-like Andy Gray grabbing and groping his way around the Sky Sports centre, but we too must own up to the various 'isms' of the past.


So for the record I wish to apologise to the following groupings whom I may, or may not have, discriminated against in recent times: Boy racers, women drivers, clampers, Nissan owners, van drivers, cyclists, truckers, couriers, traffic wardens,pensioners, traffic cops, toll collectors, Green activists, environmentalists and Ministers for Transport.

Actually scratch the last three, all Greenies and Government Ministers deserve total discrimination for being idiots, but for everyone else, if you felt uncomfortable by any of our past musings then 'sincere apologies'.

You see it's easy to get carried away when you're a man and involved in such a high testosterone world as that of the motorised engine - just look what happened to that DJ from Cork when he was put sitting beside a jet engine. Well, it's probably a good thing that he wasn't put into the driving seat of the sensational new Lexus IS 200 -- what a mess that would have been.

The IS 200 replaces the IS 220 and despite the new number it still boasts a stunning 2.2 litre turbodiesel engine.

Power and acceleration was as juicy as anything I've experience for an engine of this type, which threw out 175bhp. The new version is around 8kpg more economical than the previous and emissions are as low as a BMW 318d.


The Lexus IS 200 is also a thing of absolute beauty with an aggressive sort of feel.

The famous Audi eyelash front lights are duplicated beautifully by Lexus fronting a car which appears sleek and masculine.

The interior is decorated with silver trim and ticks all the visual boxes, stereo system superb with a host of extras including heated seats, sports steering and electric seat controls.

But perhaps the most surprising thing about the IS 200 is the most agreeable price. It will cost you a very reasonable €34,680 and €38,620, (depending on spec) and that is for the absolute in motoring luxury.

All in all a very politically correct car in a world gone mad.

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