Monday 18 December 2017

Ford are taking it to the max with their mega clever new MPV's

I CAN'T prove it, but my gut instinct tells me that the new Ford C-Max and its big brother, the Grand CMax, were not designed by a German boffin in a white coat.

No, Sir. I can safely say that it was created by a super mum in a pinny in between cooking, cleaning and general multi tasking.

You see, these new MPVs are so brilliant and simple .... they're simply brilliant.

There is no way a man could have managed it - just like most men can't do the mom things without suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This is where the multitasking skills come in. Stand back and take a look at them.

Initially, I was taken by the beauty/sexiness/desirability of the new design with bold lines and extravagant interior, jam packed with goodies. It's only when you look a little closer that the genius of the design begins to drive home.

That's why there is two models - a five seater CMax and a 7-seater Grand - two very different cars for very different needs.

Unlike saloons, these chariots will earn their keep and, like the very mums who will mainly drive them, will ease through the day no matter how difficult the task is.

First and foremost it is a people carrier and the 5- door (which has some DNA of the new Focus) handled like a dream on the winding mountain roads of Nice and cruised like a luxury saloon on motorways.

But it’s inside where the magic starts. The clever walk-through seating plan in the 7-seater is genius giving a 2+2+2 formation and a fold away 7th seat.

Sliding doors on both sides of the car makes parking and getting kids in and out easy.

One optional extra well worth checking out is the Active Park Assist (€800). This piece of kit (normally found on BMWs and Lexus) will scan a parking space and if large enough, will actually Parallel Park the car for you. Amazing.

In order to keep the price down only diesels will go on sale here with a 1.6L, 95bhp the most popular as the C-Max in Band A (€104 road tax) and Grand in Band B (€156). A bargain for €23,600.

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