Saturday 25 November 2017

Most of us 'want to work past age of 65'

A MAJORITY of Irish people favour working after 65 and are set against any compulsory retirement age.

And most Irish people (51pc) see themselves as "young," compared to an EU average of 40pc.

By contrast, just 27pc of Germans think of themselves as young, according to a new Eurobarometer survey. The Eurostat survey found that only people living in Cyprus (58pc), Greece (54pc) and Iceland (53pc) were more likely than the Irish to think of themselves as young.

It reveals that Europeans believe that people start being considered as "old" just before 64 years (64.2 for Ireland) and are no longer considered young from the age of 41.8 years (39).

In Ireland, 53pc recognise the need for an increase in the official retirement age. The idea of a compulsory retirement age was rejected by 57pc of Irish people, and 53pc of Europeans.

Irish people (at 46pc) bucked the European trend (33pc) by saying they would like to keep working after they reach a pensionable age.


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