Tuesday 16 January 2018

Most of us not happy with sex lives

Married men are likely to have less sex if they do a lot of housework, a study found
Married men are likely to have less sex if they do a lot of housework, a study found
The study found that more than a third (42pc) of Irish women fantasise about having sex with their first love again. Picture posed

Fewer than half of adults say they are satisfied with their love life, while even more say they have not had sex in the past month, according to new research.

Relationship charity Relate said people often put so much pressure on themselves to have "amazing sex" that they end up avoiding it altogether, or do not notice what is actually good about their sex lives.

It has carried out research in collaboration with Marriage Care and Relationships Scotland, which is to be published in full in September.

The study of around 6,000 UK adults found just 45pc said they were "fairly satisfied" or "very satisfied", while 51pc said they had not had sex in the past month.


Relate, which provided more than 20,000 sessions of sex therapy in 2013/14, said couples often say they want to bring the spontaneity back, but sex is rarely truly spontaneous and busy people sometimes have to plan for intimacy.

The charity also recommends that couples should not shy away from kissing and cuddling in front of their children - in the past, parents were often taught to avoid showing physical affection in front of the kids, but it is actually reassuring for them to see their parents love one another.

Psychosexual therapist and Relate Institute lecturer, Cate Campbell, said: "What constitutes a satisfying sex life can vary wildly from one person to the next, so working out what makes you tick is a great starting point."

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