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Moderation key to plan for new you

AFTER Christmas comes the New Year -- and a slew of resolutions including how to lose weight. One calculation is that the average Irish person will have put on half a stone from feasting on the chocolates, savoury snacks and cakes over the 12 days of Christmas.

According to the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, people can eat and drink up to 6,000 calories alone on Christmas Day.

Perhaps not surprisingly, losing weight topped the list of New Year resolutions in a new survey, with 66.67pc of people vowing to shed the pounds over the coming months.

We also want to take more exercise, join a gym, drink less alcohol and eat more healthily.

All admirable goals and medics tell us we can prolong our lives by being healthier and sticking to an exercise regime. We are also subject to conflicting medical "research" daily which, at the very least, causes confusion in the public's mind.

The best advice: eat and drink sensibly and enjoy life in 2013.