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We don't care how fast you can run...

A keen athlete, Jo discovered when she moved to the area that there was no active running club and so she made it her mission to set one up.

SIX years on, Donadea Running Club has become one of the most respected running clubs in the Kildare area and has more than 70 members.

The club's main aim is to encourage running in a healthy environment and in a fair way. It has a wide range of members who each have their own personal goals which vary from those who have taken up running simply for health and fitness reasons, to those who also like to add a little bit of competitiveness.

The club has a number of competent athletes who started from scratch and have, in a very short timeframe, successfully completed marathons to add to their list of running achievements. All levels are catered for and represented in the club from the one hour/10k runner to the especially speedy. Members range in age from early 20s to those in their 60s and everyone is welcome.


It is predominantly a Fit4Life club, with many members novices – so not only new to running but to any other sporting activity prior to joining the club. A Fit4Life group offers benefits for both trainer and participants.

It encourages people to be educated about a change of lifestyle by promoting fitness and overall wellbeing as well as promoting the achievement of personal challenges and goals. The club meets four times a week and the Flora Women's Mini Marathon is a goal for a number of its members.


Charlotte Flood, from Naas, in Co Kildare, is one. She joined the DRC in 2009. She says: "I am running the marathon this year and it's my seventh time. I am doing it in aid of The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a fantastic animal charity that does great work but is always underfunded.

"The marathon is a brilliant day out. The atmosphere is electric and I love being part of the largest women's race in the world.

"The euphoric feeling crossing the line knowing that I ran, feel healthy and helped animals makes the pain so worth it. The Herald pullout the next day is a great souvenir, too."

For more information, go to www.donadearunningclub.com