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Tick the right box to keep everyone happy

LAST year, we got really good feedback from participants, on how we can make the day more enjoyable. We are aware that some women, who are walking, are entering as joggers and this can cause discomfort and problems for some of our entrants.

The WMM asks that people enter in the appropriate category to ensure the health and safety of all the 40,000 women at the event. Please only enter as a jogger if you are going to jog the whole way. You should be able to compete the 10k distance in 100 minutes or under.

All 40,000 women participating in the event cross the start line within 25 minutes of the start of the race.

To make this event the best it can be, so that everyone can enjoy the experience, please enter in the appropriate category based on your ability. You will all be across the line before you know it and everyone can be happy, safe and healthy on the day.

Thanks for your support in this regard.