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Taking steps to aid victims of abuse

My name is Ger Ennis and I'm from Drumcondra in Dublin. I've done the Flora Women's Mini Marathon lots of times. I haven't done it for about three or four years, but I decided to do it again this year, for Women's Aid.

I've known about Women's Aid for about 10 or 12 years and I think it's a fantastic organisation. Domestic abuse affects us all. We all know somebody affected by domestic abuse and that's why I do it. I'm all for empowering women.

I know all the Women's Aid proceeds from the Flora Women's Mini Marathon will go to the national free phone helpline. That is a woman's first port of call.


One in five women is abused and it's across the board. It could be your mother, your sister, your aunt, your best friend. I feel very passionate about it and Women's Aid's services are fantastic.

I have fundraised for them before, and have done the Flora Women's Mini Marathon for them before, too. I would support a lot of other charities, but Women's Aid would be my 'pet charity', if you like.

I'm a walker, I work in Liffey Street and walk into work from Drumcondra every morning, so I'd be fit enough. I wouldn't be fit enough to jog the Flora Women's Mini Marathon, but I'll walk it no problem. Some friends are doing it with me now and we've decided over the next few weeks we're going to walk around Drumcondra, and do a bit of training.

We're going to try and do a couple of miles every night to build up to the event, but we're all different levels of fitness. There's seven of us doing it in total and one friend is coming up from Mayo to do it.

I always walk the Flora Women's Mini Marathon: the craic is at the back. I have to say the atmosphere on the day is electric. All those thousands of women. You pass by Holles Street hospital and the nurses are there in the windows of the hospital, holding the babies up – and the cheers you get...

It's a brilliant day out, I love it, and when you're earning a few bob for charity, it's even better. There's no aggro, everyone's in great form. It's like the women are out for the day, away from the kids and the husbands. It's a great day.

A national organisation, Women's Aid has been working to stop domestic violence in Ireland since 1974. Services include a free phone helpline (1800 341 900, 10am to 10pm seven days a week, except Christmas Day) and a Dublin-based one-to-one support service. See www.womensaid.ie