Monday 19 August 2019

Mini Marathon magic

Comedy: Amy says she'll run 10k 'like Phoebe from Friends'

She may be Ireland's sweetheart, but Amy Huberman is also a great Friend to those in need.

The stunning actress has vowed that she will imitate a famous TV series character if members of the public sponsor her to run the Flora Women's Mini Marathon on Monday.

Amy (32) has vowed to run like Phoebe from hit US sitcom Friends if she manages to raise donations for Concern Worldwide.

The chicklit author proved that she was not only generous but also had a sense of humour, as she referred to Phoebe's flapping arms every time she attempts to run on the show.

"Only a few days left til mini marathon. I'll run like Phoebe for the whole thing if u sponsor [sic]," Amy promised. This will be the fourth time that Brian O'Driscoll's wife takes part in the mini-marathon and in previous years she has taken the run very seriously.

Amy was not even deterred from taking part in the charity race last year so soon before her wedding -- she even started training with a personal fitness instructor twice a week.

The Cabinteely native was previously raising money for Barretstown, but she has since become an ambassador for Women of Concern -- a group that supports Concern Worldwide's work with girls and women in the world's poorest countries.

Amy revealed her top tips on mini-marathon day include taking the Luas. "The thing is to leave the house with nothing in your hands except your exact change for the Luas," she explained.

"Buy a return ticket and tuck it into your pants, get a bottle of water along the way and make sure you have a toilet stop just before you start."

Meanwhile, Riverdance stars will also be running the mini-marathon on Monday in honour of their colleague who died in the 2009 Air France tragedy.

Their fundraising efforts will mark the two-year anniversary of their friend's death, as well as the recovery this week of more than 70 bodies from the aircraft that crashed into the Atlantic on June 1, killing all 216 passengers and 12 crew members.

Dr Eithne Walls was one of three Irish doctors on board the AF447 flight to Paris that went down during a high-altitude thunderstorm, shortly after leaving Rio de Janeiro.

The Co Down native had just become a doctor at the Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin after a successful career in Irish dancing with the renowned troupe.

She died aged 28 on her return home from a holiday with two of her closest friends.


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