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Mind-Body Weight Challenge

Alison Hanley: My First Seven Days

I found having a one-to-one nutrition consultation to be very powerful. I've attended many slimming groups before but this was the first time that I have sat down with someone and analysed what foods I was putting into my body. I was amazed to find out that certain low-fat foods which I thought were healthy, like diet yoghurts and cereal bars, are actually full of sugar.

I also realised that I was leaving way too long between meals, which was giving me an energy slump in the late afternoon, so I was reaching for the wrong foods to give me a quick fix. I am missing my Diet Coke hit and I've had a few withdrawal headaches, but Elsa assures me this will pass soon. I haven't been hungry once so far and I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead as already I'm starting to see and feel small improvements.

Elsa's Verdict:

Alison works full-time and has three young boys so her stress levels are high and she's prone to energy dips. So, besides helping her lose weight, my focus is to properly educate her in terms of what foods she should eat to give her the energy she needs to get through her busy day.

I have also included lots of stress-busting foods such as nuts, lentils, green leafy vegetables and berry fruits into her meal plan as these foods will help build her body's natural resistance to stress.

Alison also suffers with high blood pressure so I've encouraged her to remove the high salt foods in her diet. Next week we'll be looking at her emotional relationship with food and I'll be giving lots of tips on how to get and stay motivated enough to reach your goal.