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Mairead Farrell: Why I'll be taking my new husband's name


Mairead Farrell

Mairead Farrell

Mairead Farrell

Mairead Farrell


Mairead Farrell

Broadcaster Mairead Farrell has said she plans to take her fiance's name after she ties the knot this week.

The Today FM producer (35) will change her name to Mairead Ronan after she weds her businessman beau Louis Ronan on Friday.

She also said she will go by her new name at work, despite having made her mark with her own name.

"I'm going to change it. I can't be two people," she said.

While Dubliner Mairead is hoping for blue skies and sunshine on Friday, she won't be bothered if it rains.

"It doesn't matter if it's a storm - I'm marrying the man of my dreams so it'll be sunny in my head," she said.

Mairead has been keeping tight-lipped about the venue of her wedding, though it will be in Louis' native Tipperary.

Louis, who popped the question last year, has organised the honeymoon - and Mairead has no idea where.