Saturday 16 December 2017

Lorraine Keane: 'The only thing you have to know about style is what suits you'

Lorraine Keane
Lorraine Keane

She's made a living from being effortlessly stylish but Lorraine Keane has said the key to being in fashion is to forget about trends.

The brunette, who is set to make her TV return later this year with her new UTV series The Interview, said her top tip is to dress to suit your figure rather than to reflect fashion fads.

Although the mum-of-two may have a figure to die for, she insists she still has body hang-ups like anyone else.

"People say to me all the time 'Oh you can wear anything, you're so slim', and I absolutely cannot.

"There are loads of things that don't suit me," Lorraine told the Diary.

"I can't really wear flat shoes because I'm so little in real life.

"It's about knowing what suits you - I've a tiny waist and a fine-sized derriere so I dress to suit that. I suppose it's about knowing what to hide and how to hide it and then what to show off."

Lorraine is also spreading her fashion advice on her newly launched website www.lorrainekeane.com.

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