Friday 19 January 2018


Start slow with this med ball routine and expect good long-term results, says Pat Henry

With lots of sunny days just hopefully a few weeks away, this really effective medicine ball workout is perfect for getting you into shape in time for summer and for your holidays.

With our complete body workout, each body part will be targeted for quick and lasting results and the most important thing is you don't need any complicated equipment - just a good medicine ball.

Choose one with handles to give you more balance and comfort.

When using the swinging actions, try to avoid jerky movements and over stretching - keep the exercises as strict form-wise as you can.

This workout is a favourite with top golfers, who need movement to be accurate and relaxed, taking the stress from the back and neck and keeping the emphasis on the area you are working on.

The target in our workout, when the sequence is complete, is to aim for three sets of 20 repetitions, with a three minute jog on the spot, three minute cycle or three minutes of skipping, to complete.

Then it's straight back into the next set.

For beginners, I would suggest one set, three times weekly; the second week, two sets; the third week, three sets.

Building up slowly is wise and always set your overall target to complete three sets with a maximum time of 45 minutes with no break.

The best time in our own gym for this programme is 30 minutes, including three three-minute runs around Fitzwilliam Square or on the treadmill.

Unlike a lot of workouts where you stop to have a chat, you can't with this routine. Just keep moving from one to the next, never letting the ball out of your hands. A 5kg ball should be sufficient but if it's too light, don't be afraid to go heavier. The cost of a proper med ball is about €25 in your local sports store or Argos.

This workout is suitable for all the family and a great way to all work out together. We have used this programme with many company classes too.

It's great fun and taxing for the heart and lungs, with plenty of leg exercises to get the system up and running. Enjoy.

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circle Standing in a squat position, holding the med ball, sweep the arms in a large circle keeping the back straight. Do 20 reps each side.

Military squat Squat holding the ball down to the floor, stand and bring it to your chest, then shoulder press above your head and repeat.

Punch SQUAT Squat down pushing the ball to the floor, then as you stand, press the ball out from your chest.

Lunges with curl Stepping forward on one leg, bend the back knee down to the floor and curl the ball to your chest. As you bring the feet back together, lower the ball. Repeat on both sides.

lunges WITH FRONT RAISE Lunging forward with one foot, at the same time lift the ball with straight arms up to shoulder height. As you bring the feet back together, lower the ball. Repeat on both legs.

exercises: Jen Feighery

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