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Ladies, make running or walking a pleasure

IT can be as competitive or as easy as you want it to be. It can be a challenge to modern living, but the return for your mind and body is immeasurable if you decide to challenge your limits.


It brings you back to nature and you lose weight at the same time. So enjoy the healthy glow in the aftermath of reachable targets which we set with whichever training you choose, to suit yourself and your fitness level.

The important factor is the gradual approach from week to week as you master each phase of activity. To minimise aches and pains over the next few weeks be careful not to overdo the pace, as it's easy to get carried away as fitness level increases. Initially, the lower back, knees and ankles are the areas that suffer most and the best protection is a good pair of shoes and training on a surface with a little bit of give, rather than hard concrete.

It is also important to walk or jog slowly in a warm tracksuit for 5/10 minutes. Warm-up your joints by easing gently through their full range of movement. This lubricates the muscle joints, so that they flow more freely during strenuous exercise.



Leave your longer walk or run to the weekend when it may be easier to link up with a local group.

I would recommend you make maximum use of your time, and you will feel a childlike youthful surge of energy and enthusiasm. The old axiom of 'adding years to your life and life to your years' will surely apply in a very short time. If you want to add another hour of activity to your day, make it in the morning and you will start out refreshed for the day ahead.

Full training schedules: www.florawomens minimarathon.ie