Tuesday 21 November 2017

Karen Koster: I miss baby Finn but it's great getting glammed up for work again

Karen Koster
Karen Koster

While returning to work after having a baby can be a daunting prospect for any new mother, Karen Koster admits she’s happy to return to getting glammed up for TV.

The TV3 presenter returned to Xpose earlier this week after giving birth to baby Finn last December and she told the Diary that getting a daily makeover is something she appreciates more than ever.

“I did feel a bit spoilt getting a blow-dry five days a week and it took the novelty out of it for me, so it will be nice to go back and put on false eyelashes and things like that,” she said.

“As opposed to being fed up of putting on makeup, by Friday I’ll be delighted to get my slap on.”

Now Karen and her businessman husband John McGuire have a bouncing baby boy to look after, the bubbly blonde (35) said being fashion-forward is well down on her list of priorities.

“I don’t really care about being stylish at all, once my clothes are clean,” she said.

“I saw myself in the ‘sack the stylist’ section of a newspaper a while ago and I thought I looked great, I even had lipstick on – god knows what they’d think if they saw what I normally look like.


“Finn was just out of the picture in his buggy – maybe if he was included people would have been able to see what kind of day I was having.”

Although going back to such a glamorous job definitely has its perks, not even daily preening sessions and a wardrobe full of stylish threads could make dropping little Finn to creche any easier for the petite Dubliner.

“I made a show of myself. Finn didn’t bat an eyelid but I was in bits. [My husband] John came with me and I said beforehand that I’d be ok, but I was feeling tense all morning and as soon as I walked into the creche that was it,” Karen said.

“He’s like a limb – for the last 10 months he’s been by my side and I haven’t really left him all that much, only with his grannies here and there.”

While Karen may be struggling with being away from her tot, she says Finn couldn’t be happier with the arrangement.

“He’s probably having better craic in there than he does with me at home,” she said.

“He’s loving it. Hopefully everything will go to plan and he’ll be three days a week in creche and the rest at home with myself.”

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