Wednesday 13 December 2017

Karen Koster: 'I felt apologetic breaking news of second baby'

Karen Koster and baby Finn
Karen Koster and baby Finn
Xpose's Karen Koster's picture of baby Finn McGuire, her first child with husband John McGuire.

Karen Koster admits that she felt "apologetic" breaking the news of her pregnancy to her bosses.

Her first son Finn will turn one next month but she'll hear the patter of tiny feet when she gives birth again in March.

Karen said it was so difficult breaking the news after only just returning from maternity leave.

"It's an awful thing to say but that was one of the things that (producer) Debbie said straight away. I nearly said it in an apologetic tone and she was like, 'don't feel you have to apologise for this because this is life. Bigger things take over'," she said.

"I was thinking myself, the best time to have a baby when you're a career girl is probably in your 50s and it's not going to happen for you then.

"I just don't think there's ever a good time to have a baby. I'm lucky in that I feel I'm established enough now that I can come back and TV3 have been such a support. Working the hours I do, it's really family friendly. I hope I can keep that up when there's two. It's funny though because you nearly do go, 'Oh God.'"


Married to businessman John McGuire, Karen (34) came back to work last September to a three-day week as she juggles motherhood with work. However, speaking at the launch of the IKEA soft top campaign to help raise funds for UNICEF projects, she said how going to the Ballymount station is nearly a break for her.

"I never thought that I'd feel that work is me-time but that's what it is. You can finish your coffee, you're properly dressed, you don't have puree on you and you're not on high alert," she said.

"Stay-at-home mums work much harder but I do love that I can do the stay-at-home thing because I don't feel guilty when I'm dropping him into creche. I'm thinking, 'he's getting a good bit of time to socialise and I'm getting my time to feel likewise, like the old me.'"

Despite TV3 scrambling to find a replacement for her and fellow pregnant presenter Aisling O'Loughlin in the New Year, Karen said "the show must go on".

"There is no crisis. We've had tonnes of people come through the doors over the years," she said.

"I think there's room for everyone. A show like Xpose, it's not about the presenters and that's been shown throughout the years with all the comings and goings there's been."

She'll be heading off in February to have her second baby and said that she "may not take as long" this time around.

Karen added how they still haven't decided whether or not to find out the sex of the baby or to leave it as a surprise at the birth.

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