Thursday 14 December 2017

Karen Koster: 'I could talk about breastfeeding all day'

Karen Koster
Karen Koster
Karen Koster and baby Finn

Xpose's Karen Koster has revealed she's swapped celebrity gossip for tips on breastfeeding since she gave birth to her son Finn 10 weeks ago.

Karen (35), who is married to John Maguire, admits it's a team effort when it comes to feeding Finn, who was born on New Year's Eve.

"I could talk about breastfeeding all day. Nothing about it bores me. It's now replaced my want for celeb gossip," she said.

"I'm trying to eat as healthily as possible, but I still like topping up with supplements."

The TV3 presenter also revealed that she even likes the sound of crying since she became a mother.

"I used to sink into my plane seat if I saw a parent coming near my row with a baby, dreading the thoughts of take-off and landing accompanied by crying," she said.

"Now I gravitate towards the sound if I hear it in the supermarket. Someone else's baby cries too. I feel both empathy for mum and maternal towards a baby I've never met."

Writing in a blog for HerFamily.ie, Karen also dispels myths around motherhood such as getting little or no sleep once a baby arrives.


"Why do people feel compelled to tell you that you'll never sleep again after having kids? You will. In snatches. If you count blinking as mini naps," she said.

"You'll get the hours of sleep, but they'll be broken up. And you know what, it's fine.

"Imagine your worst morning after the night before where you swear off alcohol for life.

"Well, so far there's never been a night so bad where I've sworn off babies for good come morning time."

The new mum also admitted that some days she even gets a chance to put on some make-up.

"Sure, sometimes it's lunch before I'm dressed, but you learn to get a lot done during a newborn's naps," she said.

"And I even wear make-up on the days when the napping is going really well."


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