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Junior Cert Diary: The final exam started my summer holidays on a good note


Isabel Doyle

Isabel Doyle

Isabel Doyle

The Honours Music paper went pretty well for me. It was a nice exam and everything I had studied came up.

There's always going to be a bit of nerves, of course, but it was good.

I had five days off to study too, which was great.

There are five parts to the paper.

The first section is pretty basic, it's on set songs where you learn nine songs in class and then you listen to them in the exam and answer the questions.

The first section is the listening section which was trickier than usual and takes up the majority of the exam. It involves listening to a piece you haven't heard or studied before and answering questions on it.

I think it was variations of the Lord of the Dance and the questions were about accompaniment and instrumentation.

Then there are set works, which are bigger musical pieces.


There are three set works that you have to study and I was expecting a different one to come up. However, the one that came up last year came up again this time, which hasn't happened before.

It was the William Tell Overture, but the questions were pretty similar to last year.

It was a little bit of a surprise but it was fine because I had revised it.

There's a section on old Irish music and history.

There's also a part on choice works that were studied in class - my class did Take Five, composed by Paul Desmond and performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet.

There's not much choice in the paper so you have to learn everything.

I managed to finish with extra time and got to look back over everything.


In comparison to past papers it was pretty much the same level of difficulty; it's quite a basic course.

I think everyone was well prepared for it so there were no shocks because we've had loads of time to study. I also did a practical in April that was worth 25pc of the exam.

I played the violin twice and sang two classical songs, one in German and one in French.

I'm finished now and I can't wait, because my summer holidays are finally starting.

I'm going to Rosslare with my friends for a few nights and then I'll be going to Portugal for a few days with my mum.

Isabel Doyle (15) from Rathgar is a junior cert student at Sandford Park School