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It's fruits and salads all the way for that cleaner, healthier you

IT'S week two in our quest to detox and by now you should have completed two full days of fruit cleansing, Tuesday and Thursday, eating nothing but pears or grapes from breakfast onwards.

You can have your normal breakfast on these days and when you are hungry eat only pears or grapes, making sure they are ripe and not hard, as the firmer the fruit, the harder it is to digest.

Ideally the only liquid to be taken should be non-sparkling water and if you are using tap water be sure to get a good filter. Also, if you find yourself getting headaches take some black tea or coffee, as these are a common withdrawal symptom of caffeine. Remember that over our lifetime 80-100 tons of food will pass along our digestive tract and two gallons of digestive juice a day will flood our system to break down the food we consume daily. That's a lot of work for our body's energy stores.

The healthier the digestive system, the fewer problems you will have with constipation, bloating, abdominal pain and feelings of drowsiness after meals. Quite a lot of people think this feeling of tiredness is normal but this is not the case. You will often see people yawning after a meal, this is the body's way of taking in more oxygen to assist the breakdown and digestion of food.


Detoxing helps to repair kidney and liver damage and gives the 30ft of intestines a chance to flush out many toxins and waste which has been trapped in the follicles of the intestines.

If you are in any doubt, just check every morning whether your tongue is heavily coated, if you have bad breath, if your urine has a strong odour or if it is a dark cloudy colour. If the answer is yes, your system is clogged up with waste food that has not been digested properly. Food starts to putrefy and the result is bad breath, bad odour and bad skin.

As we move on to Phase Two of our cleansing regime it would be a good idea to look more closely at our diet with a view to removing all the junk food from your fridge. If it's not there then you won't be tempted.

Make more time in your life when it comes to preparing your own healthy food. It will take a little more organisation but will e well worth the effort in the long run.

Phase 2: This part of the programme will consist of two days of fruit and two days of healthy cleansing salads. On salad days, simply have fruit for breakfast, large salads of every kind of vegetable. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, parsley, carrots, beetroot, nuts, celery, mushrooms, corn or whatever else you fancy -- but no protein of any kind. Protein-rich foods include chicken, fish, turkey, meat, tofu and eggs.

The reason we eliminate these foods is that they slow down the cleansing process so try to avoid them completely. Your evening meal will be a salad again, this time with real tomato soup and as much drinking water as you like. Give water a little bite with slices of lemon or lime.

So for week two, we are aiming for cleansing for four days in total. You should have no problem with this so don't feel deprived and keep on target. Try to prepare your own food as many shop salads are covered in mayonnaise and sugar-rich dressings.

The only dressing we suggest is a drop of lemon or lime juice with olive oil (avoid sugary dressings). Sugar is the number one obstacle to cleansing.

Try and keep everything simple, don't start juicing and taking smoothies etc, they are too concentrated at this stage. Remember one glass of fresh apple juice will take 3/4 apples. Try eating 3/4 apples one after the other, it's not easy. We are drinking too many calories and too much concentrated sugar which definitely will not help.


Breakfast -- Fruit

Lunch -- Salad

Evening meal -- Salad and Soup


Breakfast -- Fruit

Lunch -- Fruit

Evening Meal -- Fruit


Breakfast -- Fruit

Lunch -- Salad

Evening meal -- Salad and Soup


Breakfast -- Fruit

Lunch -- Fruit

Evening Meal -- Fruit

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Eating healthy

Foods to Avoid: All proteins, all rice, all pasta, all bread, all dairy, eggs, all cereals all junk food and all alcohol.

Foods to Eat: Pears, red grapes, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, beetroot, corn, parsley, cashew nuts, celery, peppers, any fresh Indian spices, chilli peppers, broccoli or any veg.

The following people should NOT detox:

1. Those who are pregnant or


2. Anyone suffering from serious


3. Anyone who has had surgery or

is scheduled to have surgery

4. Anyone who is seriously over or under weight or has an eating


It is important get a full medical before embarking on any extreme change to your lifestyle so do talk to your GP in advance of a detox.