Tuesday 18 September 2018

Is 21 too young to be president?

Lots of people are not aware there is a second referendum taking place on the day of the Marriage Equality Referendum. Alan O'Keeffe asked some readers if are they in favour of reducing the minimum age of presidential candidates from 35 to 21 years

Lisa Campbell (36), Beaumont, Dublin:

n "I will vote 'No' to lowering the age of candidates."

David Burke (33), Coolock, Dublin:

n "I will vote 'No' to lowering the age."

Hendrik Sinclair (23), Ashford, Co Wicklow:

n "I will vote 'Yes' to lower the age."

Ema Maceviciute (18) of Lucan, Co Dublin:

Joe Smythe (33), Rush, Co Dublin:

n "I will vote 'No' because a 21-year-old just would not have the experience of life."

Jacinta Mooney (52), Kimmage, Dublin:

n "I will vote 'Yes' because I don't think there should be a barrier to young candidates. If a president aged 70 is capable, so would a younger person be capable."

Ciara Mullaney (28), Naas, Co Kildare :

n "I will vote 'No' as I know that people are not mature until they are 25 or 26."

Konrad Olszewski (19), Kilcoole, Co Wicklow :

n "I would vote 'Yes' to reduce the age of candidates to 21 because some people are very mature at 21 while other people can still be immature when aged 35."

Claire O'Brien (24), Cabinteely, Co Dublin:

n "I will vote 'Yes' to allow younger candidates. The president doesn't have much power so could hardly do anything really radical."

Martin Murphy (33), Lucan, Co Dublin:

n "I will vote 'No' as I believe a candidate aged 21 would not have enough experience. It wouldn't be good to see a 21-year-old falling out drunk out of a pub."

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