Saturday 22 September 2018

'I'm skinnier now than I was in my 20s ... but I love a good chipper,' says Pippa


She is the style maven of the moment and Pippa O'Connor has revealed that she is skinnier now than ever before.

Pippa (30) is known for her modelling career but has reinvented herself as a fashion and lifestyle guru thanks to her website Pippa.ie and her popular Fashion Factory beauty and styling workshops.

"I hate exercising and it's nothing to be proud of. I wish I were more into being fit but I just hate it," she admitted.

"I don't know what has happened but I am smaller now than in my 20s.

"When I was younger, if I went on holidays for a week I'd probably put on a stone.

"I think as you get older your body changes, and luckily for me I've just gone the other way.

"Maybe it's worry or work or general busyness," she added.


The mum-of-one revealed that she loves her treats while her husband, Brian Ormond, tries his best to eat clean.

"I deny myself nothing. Brian gives out hell to me because he tries to be quite healthy," she said.

"But last night for example, I bought fish for dinner, but because we're in the middle of moving I was like 'Feck that, let's just get a chipper'.

"And then after the chipper it was tea and chocolate. I am by no means on a strict diet and I eat way too much chocolate."

Pippa has been through a lot over the past year with her mum Louise (61) passing away suddenly and also moving house.

"It was lovely where we were, and very country, but we were a little isolated and space was beginning to become an issue," she revealed.

"It was all open-plan, which is great when you have no baby, but when you have a toddler and toys and you work from home, you need a bit more of a practical family home.

"The other main pull is my sister lives in Saggart. She has two young boys herself, and with my mum no longer with us, I think it's important to be close together.

"We're not buying though, it's just another rental.

"The next time we buy I want it to be an amazing house that I adore, and financially I just don't have that yet," she added.

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