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'I'm not interested in getting married again' - Mrs Brown's Boy's star Eilish O'Carroll


Eilish O'Carroll (right) with her partner Marian

Eilish O'Carroll (right) with her partner Marian

Eilish O'Carroll (right) with her partner Marian

Mrs Brown's Boy's star Eilish O'Carroll has revealed she won't be walking down the aisle, despite last month's Yes vote in the marriage referendum.

The actress (63), who plays Winnie McGoogan in the popular show alongside her brother Brendan O'Carroll, said that after two marriages to men she won't be popping the question to her partner, Marian O'Sullivan.

"I keep getting the texts saying, 'When am I going to have to buy the hat', but we're far too young to be making that kind of commitment - we've only been together nearly 14 years, it'd be wrong of us to jump into anything," she joked.

"We never discussed it before because it was never going to be a reality anyway.

"If I was 30 or 40, I'd probably go down the aisle, but at my ripe age I'm of the opinion that I've done it all already.

"The option is there and that's what it's all about," she added.

She has performed alongside her comedian brother for close to twenty years on Mrs Brown's Boys, and although Eilish is enjoying the show's success in recent years, she admitted that she misses performing to small crowds rather than packed arena venues.

"I'll be honest, I preferred when it was in theatres. I love doing the show in the arenas but I find it hard to get my head around that's where we're performing, that there's thousands of people out there watching you," she explained.

"In a theatre you have a much more personal, intimate relationship with the audience."

While Mrs Brown's Boys breaks from touring for a few months, Eilish is ditching her hair net and rollers for full-on glamour as she stars in new play Elvis Is My Daddy in the Axis Theatre Ballymun tonight.

The actress will sing her heart out as an ageing Vegas performer in the show.

"I've always wanted to be a diva and now I finally have the chance," she said.