Saturday 16 December 2017

Iain Anderson: I'm glad Love/Hate is over because I was killed off!

Ian Lloyd Anderson
Ian Lloyd Anderson
Iain Lloyd Anderson

Conor McPherson's The Night Alive opens this year's Dublin Theatre Festival at the Gaiety on Thursday, running until October 4.

 Actor Ian Lloyd Anderson (28) joins an accomplished cast, including Laurence Kinlan and Kate Stanley Brennan, in a play that "deftly mines the humanity to be found in the most unlikely of situations". And Ian is certainly looking forward to getting stuck in…

There are whispers that The Night Alive could be this year's Our Few And Evil Days, the out-and-out hit of DTF 2014, which you also starred in…

"When I was coming out of drama school, the writers that I was really into were Mark O'Rowe and Conor McPherson. The last two theatre festivals now, I'm working on new plays and being directed by these lads. If you'd told me five years ago that I'd be working with writers and directors that I respect that much, I would have told you you were mad."

You've built up quite a reputation with well-received roles in The Field, Sive and the wonderful Dublin Oldschool…

"It's funny, I'm unaware of that kind of reputation. I literally live in fear of every gig, thinking, 'I'm gonna get found out on this one'. But if I didn't think that way, then I would be a bad actor, because it means too much. At the end of the day, all it is is a job. I don't do anything else, so I have to make a living, and I'm very fortunate that I am getting really good work. I adore what I do."

You recently had a small role in Game Of Thrones, and a lot of people still know you as 'Deano' from Love/Hate…

"I was doing an interview earlier, and someone who wouldn't have been familiar with me as a theatre actor said, 'After Love/Hate, you started doing theatre', and I said, 'No, theatre is my bread and butter'. Love/Hate is just one of those things that came along…"

Are you happy Love/Hate has come to an end?

"I'm delighted the show is over, for selfish reasons. Obviously, because I'm dead in it! I think it'd kill me to know the lads were going back to do another series and I wasn't there. It's incredible, you can do all the theatre work you want and then you suddenly realise the power of something that a million people watch. You'd be doing well if 20,000 people saw you do a play over the course of a run, but that's just the way it is. It's work."

Have you ever considered taking your career abroad?

"I have and I haven't. I don't want to be famous, so it might sound like I'm not driven. I got married five months ago and we bought a house, and I'm very settled here. If work takes me abroad, then fine, but I'm quite happy here."

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