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I won't risk my fertility for super slim figure, says model Emma Quinlan


Emma Quinlan

Emma Quinlan

Emma Quinlan

Former model Emma Quinlan has said she doesn't want to sacrifice her chances of having children for the sake of a super-slim figure.

"It depends on what type of body you have. I can't have abs unless I'm about 11pc body fat which would mean I would be pretty much infertile and I don't want that," said the 31-year-old former Celebrity Apprentice star.

"I'm happy with a little bit of softness."

The brunette spoke about how she learned to love her body after relaxing her strict diet and gym regime.

Although she still does yoga every day and trains weekly, Emma no longer punishes her body with gruelling gym sessions.

"The aim of going to the gym is not just to get ripped, it's to be able to move, to be mobile and to be able to function as a person," she said.


She admitted that cutting back on alcohol has also helped her become healthier.

"I was a bit mindless and on the p**s all the time, if I'm honest. I don't drink as much as I did," she added.

Speaking to 2fm's Breakfast Republic, Emma also criticised "clean eating".

"The only problem that I have with the super-clean eating is that it socially affects people," she said.

"They won't go out to dinner or they won't meet their friends because they have to live out of their tupperware."