Monday 11 December 2017

'I won't retire, fashion is my life' - Celia Holman Lee

Celia Holman Lee
Celia Holman Lee

SHE's been in the modelling business for over 40 years, but Celia Holman Lee has insisted she doesn't intend on retiring.

The former model-turned-agent (64) has revealed she will never give up her job as she admits that "fashion is my life".

"No, no, no I couldn't (retire). I don't function when I'm not working. I'm not a golfer, I couldn't do anything like that, I don't have very many hobbies. Fashion is my life really."

The glamorous mother-of-two admitted that despite the ups and downs of the fashion business, she would never change what she does for a living.

"I would say, if anyone wants to make it in anything you need to love it," she said.

"Because there are days where you're exhausted and things are going really bad and you think, 'God this is never going to go right again'. I think anyone I've ever loved and admired, what they have done has been in their soul."

The businesswoman, who runs Limerick-based firm The Holman Lee Model Agency, has worked for more than four decades in the fashion industry, both as a model and an agent.

Celia revealed that acting skills make a model good at their job.

"You turn into a different creature on the cover of a magazine," she said.

"There is an actress in any good model, there has to be. Or a part of her that's creative or some part that is arty."

The TV personality revealed to Woman's Way that as she gets older, she is becoming more and more like her mother.

"She was very proud and as life went on she was prouder. I ended up doing exactly what my mother did," she said.


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