Friday 19 January 2018

'I only had a few days to get ready for my bikini debut shoot' reveals MIC star Nicola

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Nicola Hughes
Nicola Hughes
Nicola Hughes

Dublin model Nicola Hughes only had a few days to prepare before filming her first scenes on the reality TV show Made in Chelsea.

The Sandyford native went on holidays to Barbados with her co-stars and was nervous of appearing on screen in a bikini.

"Nicola was bricking it before this weeks Made in Chelsea episode, she was only told one week before they started shooting that she was going to be featured on the show," an insider told the Herald.

"Filming began just a few weeks after Christmas so she was glad she was looking after her figure - she was literally starving herself the days before cameras started rolling because she was going to be on a beach in a bikini.

The 25-year-old flew into Dublin on a flying visit yesterday to launch the new O'Briens sandwich cafe summer frappe range but could only stay in her home town for the morning.

"Nicola was only able to stay in Dublin for few hours, she originally missed her flight on Tuesday night because filming went on late for the show," the insider said.

"She had to jet back yesterday afternoon to watch episode two with the rest of the cast.

"They have a viewing party each week so they all know what to expect," they added.

In a promo for episode two, which will air next week, tensions appear to be running high between Alex's new love and his ex, Binky Felstead.

He reportedly cheated on Binky numerous times before they finally called it quits last year.

The advert sees newbie cast member, Jess Wooley - who revealed she had a relationship with loved-up Mytton after his break-up with Binky - say that Nicola believes everyone is "obsessed" with her.

"I'm going to hate her already if she said that," Binky said in the promo.

Later, in a clip where Nicola gears up to meet Binky for the first time, the Irish model says that if "she [Binky] is overly fake and throws digs, I'm definitely going to call her out on it".

Nicola recently revealed that "no one is happy" among the Chelsea set.

"There has definitely been a lot of tension and bitchiness going on. No one is really happy," she said.

"There are quite a few new girls who are in Alex's circle of friends that I knew beforehand so I do have some back-up."

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