Thursday 20 September 2018

I know just how to boost Wesley's fertility, says foodie Rosanna Davison

Wesley Rourke and Rosanna Davison. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Wesley Rourke and Rosanna Davison. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Rosanna Davison has revealed she will use her healthy eating knowledge to boost both her and husband Wesley Quirke’s fertility when they decide to start a family.

The former Miss World is a qualified nutritionist and says she will put her studies to good use when the couple start feeling broody.

However, the Playboy cover star isn’t feeling the pressure to have children yet because her background in nutrition will give her and Wes “the best chance” of conceiving.

“I’m healthy and I know how to get my body ready to give myself the best chance. And how to boost Wesley’s fertility too,” she said.

Rosanna, who recently launched her website and will release her debut book, Eat Yourself Beautiful, later this year, said she has been too busy to get pregnant.

“My parents would love to be grandparents and Wesley and I would love to start a family,” she said. “The last year has just been so busy.”

Despite being one of Ireland’s most in-demand models since being crowned Miss World 12 years ago, Rosanna revealed that she is insecure and hates looking at photos of herself.

However, the Dublin model said that she would never use her insecurities against others.

“Everyone is different. I would never look at a woman and criticise or judge her appearance,” she said.

As she prepares to bring out her cookbook in the autumn, strict vegan Rosanna recently admitted that she’s not worried about competing with other model foodies and bloggers.

The 31-year-old beauty believes her nutrition degree and Miss World title give her a “unique selling point” when it comes to the battle of the bloggers.

“What’s important to me is having my nutrition qualification, because it’s very easy to bandy about the idea of healthy eating and I would find it very difficult to take advice from somebody who’s not qualified in the area,” she said.

“There’s nobody else out there that has my qualification and also has a world title in the beauty area, and can combine them both. That’s my unique selling point and there’s no-one doing that,” she added.

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