Saturday 20 January 2018

'I have to work so hard to look good', says top model Lynn Kelly

Lynn Kelly
Lynn Kelly
Lynn Kelly

Model Lynn Kelly has a body to die for, but she insists she still has her insecurities.

With her tiny waist and never-ending legs, the statuesque brunette (26) has a figure any girl would love, but Lynn admitted she has to be tough on herself when it comes to the way she looks.

A self-confessed fitness fanatic who works out multiple times a week, Lynn said her obsession is as much to do with keeping her mental health in check as it is to stay slim.

"In the modelling industry it's very difficult not to be hard on yourself. It's hard to stand there in your flesh-coloured underwear and not to compare yourself to the girls around you," she said.

Lynn Kelly

A selfie Lynn posted last October that had many asking if she was overdoing it in the gym

"I mostly work out so much to feel fit and healthy and to feel good about myself. It's as much mental as it is physical."

The Dublin beauty, who has been a regular fixture on the Irish modelling circuit since she was crowned Miss Universe Ireland in 2008, said she hits the gym up to seven times a week to keep her body in check.

Despite looking every inch the catwalk queen, Lynn said she has to work out so much because she doesn't have the same "goddess genes" that many other models have.

"I try to train every day to maintain how I look," she said. "I don't always want to go to the gym, but I go anyway. I'm not blessed with those genetic genes like some of the other girls, but I'm willing to put in the graft."

While her exercise regime is nothing short of gruelling, the hard work appears to be paying off for Lynn, as she revealed one of the biggest sports brands in the world, Nike, is considering her for an upcoming campaign.

"It's very flattering. The most exciting was to be optioned for the new international Nike campaign," she said.

However, it's not all work and no play, as Lynn admitted to binging while on holiday in Croatia with her boyfriend of 10 years Barry Robert earlier this summer - even though she did go to the gym to burn the calories off.

"I'm only human. I was recently on a well-earned holiday for three weeks and pretty much ate whatever I wanted for the entire time. I did do some training too so I wouldn't feel too bad," she said.

You won't find Lynn falling out of a nightclub at the weekend either, as she stays away from booze to stay as fit as possible.

"Alcohol - it's a killer. I usually don't drink unless it's a special occasion," she told Stellar magazine.

The Assets model has swapped the dreary Irish weather for sunny Spain as she has been living it up in Madrid for the past week.

Lynn is in the Spanish capital to film the music video for the single Alone No More by UK DJ duo Anton Powers and Philip George.


While she's busier than ever with modelling, Lynn recently revealed that she's gone back to college with her model best pal Sarah Morrissey to study sports and nutrition in DCU with the hope of opening up a fitness studio together later this year.

"I have to be smart about things because I'm not going to model for ever, so it's good to have a degree, especially when I have the interest in it," she said.

While she has going into business on her mind, Lynn also said she wouldn't say no to taking part in a reality TV show - but only if there's a physical challenge involved.

"I don't think I'd ever do something like Big Brother, but maybe a show like I'm A Celebrity," she said. "Something with a bit of adventure would be good - it would have to be exciting."

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