Wednesday 17 January 2018

I gave birth to my son lorcan

Orlaith Carmody


I had left the baby in the hospital because I was so terrified. He was my first and I was convinced he was made of glass, so the plan was that I had to be back at the hospital in time to breastfeed him. Of course just as we were leaving the house a cousin of Gavin's rang in a crisis and so by the time I got back to the hospital the nurses had fed Lorcan.

I ended up with severe mastitis and spent the next week in hospital with the baby. I paid the price for my sneaky dinner. I always remember that as being the best ever Christmas, it meant so much to me to be married and have a family."

Orlaith describes her courtship with Gavin as a whirlwind. In fact, the pair met almost a year to the day after Orlaith's first husband Ciaran died of a brain tumour.

"I was a young widow, I wasn't even 30 when Ciaran died. When I met Gavin and fell so madly in love so quickly I just remember thinking how lucky I was.

"After everything, here I was with a husband and a new baby spending our first year in our own house and it was all just perfect."

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