Tuesday 12 December 2017

How to take charge of your health

Creating a new positive habit takes a month, so set the intention and stay focused on your goal

Fitness goals
Fitness goals
Pat Henry

As Forrest Gump would say: "Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get."

Our health is a bit like that - sometimes we're given the raw end of the deal, but a lot of the time, we are responsible for the state of our wellbeing. If, after years of no exercise, and eating and drinking too much, you suddenly realise you're overweight and not feeling the best, it is possible to kickstart your life again - but you may find that doing this is not too easy.

Don't give in just yet! It takes at least one month to form a new positive habit, one that your subconscious mind will accept. So during the initial month of change, it's really important to stick to your plan - whether it be exercise, eating better, taking time out for yourself and so on. Just be sure to keep your end goal in sight.

Keep it a secret or only share your dream with someone who thinks the same and will encourage you to keep going, especially when you feel like giving up.

To help you on your way, as you may see every day like a minefield of tasks that you should avoid, simply draw up a list of things that stop you achieving your targets.

Write them out clearly and number them from one to 10 in order of importance, things that you know will put you off track.

Do this the previous evening before bed and when you rise the next morning: read your list and start immediately making the changes that will help you become the real you.

Don't make it complicated or confusing.

The following is an example of what your list could look like:

1To improve your health, avoid using a mobile phone unnecessarily. Research has shown that the radiation from mobile phones can seriously damage your health.

2 Avoid using headphones plugged into a mobile phone. Do you really want your brain to be nuked by radiation waves? Lots of research backs this up.

3 Never use a microwave for anything. Remember you are giving this a trial day where you are doing something positive to make you feel better, so one day won't hurt.

4 Eat no food containing sugar, aspartame, fructose or palm oil. It may be difficult to find sugar-free food, but try at least and read labels.

5 Get up one hour earlier to prepare your day.

6 Make your own lunch for a week. At least you will know what you are eating. For example, eggs that have been peeled for three months and delivered in a bucket of saline solution? How healthy is that?

7 Get off the bus a few stops earlier and take a brisk walk to work.

8 Use the stairs instead of the lift all day when in work, or do some exercise.

9 Sort out any disagreement you may have with a colleague or even your boss. Don't let the monkey stay on your shoulder. Does it matter if they rebuff your efforts? At least you are clear and can move forward, but clear up misunderstandings before the day is out - verbally, not by text or email.

10 Try and remove from your bedroom any device that has radiation or high-electric current flying around the room - eg mobiles, TV, iPads, computers and so on. These frequencies can negatively affect your sleep and fry your brain with negative ions, so clear out such items.

11 Finally at the end of your day, take a look at your list and see how many landmines you have avoided in one day. And to cap it off, do one act of kindness for anyone on that day. It may be paying for someone's tea or coffee,telling someone you know that they look great, or phone a friend with whom you have lost touch.

For more info, telephone: 01 661 6195; email: info@henry fitnesscentre.com; or see www.henryfitnesscentre.com

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