Wednesday 22 November 2017

How to beat the Monday blues

There are some very good reasons why we don't like Mondays, but Anna coogan has some cheery tips that might help you cope

COMPLAINING about hating Mondays isn't on these days. There are so many more important things to moan about, and any reference to not liking getting out of bed to go to work will make you as unpopular as Lotto winners who complain about the stress of their windfall.

Last Monday was a special case, however, and came with a dispensation because it was the Monday we have the most to complain about, as it is considered a car-crash day in monetary terms... a day when the majority of us see our finances flash before our eyes in stark and scary clarity.

In fact, most of us were quite shell-shocked as it was now time to pay out for Christmas.


Credit-card bills are ghosts from times past which remind us of our heady days of spontaneity and impulse-buying because, after all, it was a time to be festive.

Meanwhile, bills for property-management fees, household tax, raised health-insurance costs, all seem to land on the mat at this time of the year.

It's as if creditors conspire to ask us for money, all at the same time.

It's a divisive time of the year, too. A time when people in negative equity, or who in one way or another over-stretched themselves when the banks were giving money out the way a pediatrician does lollipops, have to grin and bear it when people in the black talk about going out for meals or away on city breaks.

Yet, there's no point burying our heads in the sand so let's make today the day for facing up to financial woes.

Create a pleasant balance by also making this a day for cheering ourselves up, if only with the smallest of gestures or treats. Here's out top five recommendations that won't break the bank!

1If the weather is getting you down, it pays to concentrate on something nice which you can only do in the cold -- such as putting a hot-water bottle in your bed, or lighting your favourite candles, which never have the same transporting effect during bright summer evenings.

2 Think of some fun, affordable activities to do. Finding activities that don't cost an arm and a leg can be enjoyable once in a while. So it's no surprise more friends are now having potluck dinners, where each guest contributes to the food on the table.

3 Get exercising. Exercise helps relax built-up tension and releases endorphins and other "happy hormones" in your system, promoting a feeling of well-being. Exercise also helps promote overall health and well-being, which can also relieve the stress of money blues.

4 Trade entertainment. Scour your books, CDs and DVDs for items friends might want to borrow. In return you're bound to get a good read or movie which will see you through a wet Wednesday evening. Also, there are online sites on which you can swap books and movies, etc for ones you'd prefer. The same rule can apply to trading clothes amongst friends

5If you're in debt and terribly worried, turn your fear into productive action and face your situation head on. Get in contact with a support organisation such as the Money Advice and Budgeting Service, www.mabs.ie.

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