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How long should it take a woman to lose her baby weight?

Ana Lahr (26), Dublin 8

She should give herself about two months. I don't think a woman feels sexy having baby weight, so it's important that she loses it for her self-esteem.

Molly McKeever (23), Killiney

She should give herself about a year -- she'd need that amount of time to get back to normal. The first few months should be about bonding with her baby.

Korina Gaffey (30), Greystones

It's really refreshing to see celebs like Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff not rushing to lose their baby weight. It's false when you see someone bounce back straight away.

Cynthia Forde (22), Harold's Cross

It depends on their schedule, work and whether they have other kids. They should give themselves about a month and then try and get into an exercise regime.

Laura Creed (29), Knocklyon

A minimum of six months, probably longer. I don't think it's realistic to lose the weight any sooner than that.