Monday 27 January 2020

We ask: is it ever okay to smack a child?

Anna O'Dwyer
Anna O'Dwyer
Mairead King
Lisa Roddy
Adrienne Corcoran
Emma Lusk

The Herald takes to the streets of Dublin to ask: is it ever okay to smack a child?

Anna O'Dywer (19)

"I don't have a child but I don't agree with smacking a child. I feel there are other ways to discipline your child - take something away from them, but don't hit them."

Mairead King (32)

my kids are only two-and-a-half and five months, so at the moment, disciplining doesn't really happen - because they don't understand what disciplining is. But for me, smacking is never okay. Restrict their favourite things and what they like to do - whether it's a favourite sporting activity or a device. For me and my family, it's not okay, but I don't judge others on what they do."

Lisa Roddy (33)

"I have a seven-week-old baby - I wouldn't think that smacking is a good a way to discipline a child. I think time out, grounding or just a firm voice really - I don't think that smacking is ever appropriate."

Adrienne Corcorcan (48)

"I have one child and I am a very good friend of his - I wouldn't discipline him as such. He's a very good boy, he's 17. I would never smack a child - I think it's awful. I think it's degrading for a child and it's terrible for anyone to look at it."

Emma Lusk (33)

"I don't have any kids but do I agree in slapping? Yes - like a slap on the hand or a slap on the arse - I grew up on that, I think it did me no harm. I knew what was wrong and I knew what was right. There are boundaries of course, it's a tricky one. It depends on the definition of smacking, I suppose, but I do agree with reprimanding your child. If I had kids, I would."

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