Monday 17 December 2018

'I don't need an alarm clock'

Actress Tara Leniston (27) says her son Dylan, who turns one this month, has never slept all through the night.

Tara says she can "totally relate to people out there who don't have babies that sleep. He is such a lovely, cheerful little boy, but he has never slept through the night. The best he has done is 'til three in the morning," she says.

She says that Dylan goes to bed at about 7pm in the evening. "He is good at going down," she says.

However, Tara says that most nights Dylan wakes at midnight, at 3am and then he wakes up at 6.30 or 7am. "I don't need an alarm clock," she laughs.

However, she says she and her fiance, Andrew, are very lucky because he is such a happy baby. The couple, who are set to marry next year in Waterford, take it in turns to get up to go to see to Dylan, who is in his own room.

"I'm lucky, when he wakes up he is not waking up screaming. He will cry 'til I go in.

"But I know some women have babies who scream and scream and scream," she says.

Tara doesn't know why he is still waking up at night. "I don't know if he wants company."

Some said that he would be sleeping through the night when he was on solids, or when he was crawling, but it hasn't happened.

Tara says that sleep deprivation is exhausting. "It is tiring, but it will pass and it's not forever."

She does have one friend whose daughter didn't sleep through the night till she was one, but others have children who slept through the night from eight weeks old.

Dylan did get a full night's sleep over Christmas. "My mum came over from New Zealand and said she would get up during the night and it was the best Christmas present ever," Tara laughs.

Tara, who starred in the movie Meet Me in Miami, is currently working on a few projects in Ireland.

Over the course of her career, she has been involved in a number of pilots in the US, television shows, short films, commercials and modelling campaigns for leading brands. She grew up in Killaloe Co Clare, where she lived until the age of 14 before the family moved abroad.

Little Dylan is set to turn one on February 18, and Tara says she is planning to have a few of his little friends over and family to celebrate the birthday.

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