Tuesday 12 November 2019

Delicious meals the whole family can look forward to

Claire Thomson is my new chef crush. Co-owner of a restaurant in Bristol, the mum of three young girls finds feeding hungry children more challenging than cooking for paying customers.

"Feeding children food they don't want to eat is one of life's most frustrating, time consuming and head-bangingly awful tasks," she admits.

"To navigate this troublesome teatime landscape, I think the best solution is to feed kids food that they will like and want to eat."

While her kids love the 'nursery stalwarts of spaghetti bolognese, the odd sausage and a cottage pie' they also love more adventurous dishes.

"Nothing could excite me less than a lifetime of suppers where mince is the mainstay and a fork the only necessary tool."

Claire can't imagine anything more dull than serving kids the same meal every week (Shepherd's Pie Thursdays, anyone?) and her desire to introduce her kids to interesting flavours saw her begin to tweet her kids' tea at 5pm every day, hoping to inspire parents stuck in a tea-time rut.

From these tweets her blog, '5 o-clock apron' was born and a popular newspaper column followed. Her new book goes beyond the usual and draws on delicious flavours and textures from around the world. Sichaun oxtail stew, New Zealand courgette loaf, Nepalese Ghurka mackerel curry and Egyptian Kusahri rice are some of the more unusual fare featured.

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