Monday 27 January 2020

Hollywood falls in love with our silky, white skin

Irish noses and milky white skin are the envy of Hollywood's hottest celebrities, according to a leading cosmetic surgeon.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Raj Kanodia revealed that several of his A-list clients have requested nose jobs with a unique Irish-looking tip.

One of the stars of the popular E! Network TV series Dr 90210, Dr Raj has reportedly treated Jennifer Aniston, Ashlee Simpson and Cindy Crawford to name a few.

Speaking to the Herald on his trip to Ireland, he said: "One of the best features of Irish people is their skin.

"The lack of sun here means that there is almost no sun damage to the skin. People here have beautifully silky skin that we don't see in LA.

"I love the Irish features especially the nose. It's a nose everyone desires. The Irish tip is one of the most wanted even in LA."

Dr Kanodia was in Dublin to introduce some of the latest Beverly Hills non-surgical beauty secrets with his Irish colleague Dr Mark Hamilton at Cosmedico Clinic in Wicklow.

The Cosmedico Clinic performs both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

"About 30pc of my patients come from Europe, including the UK, France and Ireland. I come to Europe quite often.


"This is my first experience in Ireland and it's been very good so normally you like to repeat good experiences," he said, hinting that he is considering coming to Ireland more in the future to perform procedures.

"The perception about cosmetic treatments has changed; that it's not a luxury item for the rich and famous anymore.

"Prices for non-surgical procedures are affordable. They're amazing, it's very exciting for us as doctors; we can do amazing things in 15 minutes, just a little to enhance what is already there."

And according to Dr Kanodia there has been a "significant shift" in the number of men having procedures.

"I find in my practice that statistically my clients are 30pc men and 70pc women.

"Men do not wear make-up so most men need to do non-surgical procedures more than women."

A small number of lucky individuals have managed to secure an appointment with the renowned doctor during his three-day visit.

But with 29 years' experience, he offered some valuable advice for people considering surgical and non-surgical treatments.

"My best advice is to seek out a really good artist doctor -- a doctor is not good enough. Make sure he is not changing the face but enhancing it and do a little at a time," he said.


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