Saturday 19 January 2019

Wart case: how to treat rough lumps on skin

Warts are small, rough lumps which often appear on the hands and feet.

They are generally harmless but can be unsightly and embarrassing, and occasionally itch or hurt.

The skin cells in warts can release thousands of viruses, which means that close skin-to-skin contact can pass on the “very contagious” infection.

It is also possible to transmit the infection through objects such as a towel, or contact with a contaminated surface, such the surface around swimming pools.

But it can take week, sometime months, for a wart to appear during the “incubation period”.

Most warts disappear on their own without treatment, but doctors urge suffers who are in pain or those suffering from “weakened immune systems” to seek help.

Some old wives tales say that rubbing a penny on it, putting lemon or lime juice, sour milk or touching the warts on a dead body will cure it.

But doctors say proper treatments include salicylic acid, a common cure for acne, cryotherapy, a special “freezing technique”, duct tape or in extreme circumstances, surgery.

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