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these will leave you red-faced... in a good way

Well may you ask, "Who needs blush at this time of year?" Well, do I answer: there's a big difference between the red-in-the-face you get from the wintry wind, and judiciously applied cosmetics. The former makes you look like Peig; the latter makes you look like a fresh-faced young starlet whose name begins with P.

ISADORA Glow Stick in Rose Bud, €15.50, HHHHI I love this. It is a perfect dusty rose colour; the stick is super creamy and therefore easy to apply; it is subtle and flattering. It is very much exactly the colour you want to suffuse your cheeks. It could last a teensy bit longer, but that's the only complaint.

STILA Convertible Color in Fuchsia, €21.50, HHIII I'm not convinced by cosmetics that claim to do more than one thing. This is meant to work on lips and cheeks, and doesn't really work well on either. On the lips, it feels extremely dry. On the cheeks, you have to be very, very careful about how much you put on, otherwise you are in clown city.

RIMMEL LONDON Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in Live Pink, €5.85, HHHII

As opposed to dead pink? Seriously, though, this is a pretty pink. The small square container is great to pop into the handbag, but so teeny that your big blush brush can't get a good grip on the powder, so application isn't as effortless as it should be.

SMASHBOX O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Colour, €26.50, HHHHI Oh, I am so torn! This is cool in that it automatically matches itself to your skin tone, however that works. Magic, maybe? The slightest bit will give a good glow, but it is so easy to use too much and have to scrape it off and start over, which is annoying in the extreme. But, you need so little, this tube will last forever. I guess it is magic after all.

SISLEY Phyto-Blush Eclat in Pinky Rose, €57.50, HHHII Ooh, that snazzy compact! Who doesn't want to make up, whilst showing their zebra stripes to the world? It may be that I have a heavy hand, but even the merest touch of this gives almost too much blush. You may end up looking permanently mortified. And yet, it lasts and lasts. I'll stick with the three stars, but may change my mind at a later date.