Thursday 18 January 2018

The 'improvers' training diary

Maeve Higgins (right)
Maeve Higgins (right)

The last time I wrote this column, we were halfway into our training and halfway towards the big day. I was pretty pleased with myself, if I recall rightly.

Everything was on track and I was expecting to win the race. OK, maybe not win. That would be rude of me, as an ambassador - a race ambassador, not an Irish ambassador.

Now, however, I am not so sure of myself: I'm a bit shaky because I missed two weeks of training.

You see, I was feeling weird and tired for a week and could not drag myself out to the park, despite the brand new sunshine and chirping birds. I actually hated the birds, to be honest. Then, I got a rash across my shoulder. I announced it loudly at dinner with friends, and the general advice was to stop wearing deodorant. I was confused, because I don't wear deodorant on my back, but everyone had been drinking wine except for me, so I dropped it.

Two days later, the rash was so painful I went to the doctor and she told me the bad news. It's the shingle life for me, I'm all about the shingle ladies, I live in a shingle story house… that's right - I have shingles.

I asked the doctor about running, and she looked at me quizzically: "Do you want to run, feeling like this?" I told her that I didn't, but I was on a "schedule".

I explained that I had already missed two training runs because I felt weird and tired. She explained that the tiredness was caused by the virus, but couldn't explain the weirdness!

I told her not to worry, I've felt weird since I was a child, and she understood.

Anyway, she recommended taking at least another week off from all exercise.

I did what I was told.

I filled my time by complaining loudly to anyone who would listen and shopping online for running gear.

Today, I woke up feeling much better - no longer weak and whiny like that boy in The Secret Garden. I put on my new leggings and carefully moved my shoulders back and forth. Then, I decided to go for it. I ran slowly - two and a half miles in 31 minutes - but it felt great to be out.

So if you've had a setback like me, don't worry. Just start again.

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Maeve Higgins

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