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The importance of conditioning your muscles


Just keep active and do what the muscles are designed to do.

Just keep active and do what the muscles are designed to do.

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Just keep active and do what the muscles are designed to do.

When astronauts enter their space capsule they are in great condition, but on returning from their mission their muscles are as weak as if they had been lying in bed for a week.

Weightlessness in space means you don't need muscles to move around. And in only a few days they lose a huge amount of muscle strength. So it is essential we keep moving and taxing the body, with all forms of movement, weather it be running, dancing, yoga, weight training etc.

Just keep active and do what the muscles are designed to do. Our bodies are not designed to laze around. In the past, if you lay around your chances of being eaten by some big animal were very real. We are designed genetically to push, pull, carry and move fast in order to stay alive and possibly to catch our dinner.

It's so important to condition all of the muscles, which support all of the joints and tendons. The stronger we are the less likely it is that such problems as bone fracture, low bone density, back pain and digestion difficulties will occur.

For men in particular when we pass the age of 30 our bodies, if in-active, slow down the production of the hormone testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH), which is controlled by the pituitary gland - the master gland of the body.


As hormone levels decrease in men the following symptoms can occur: low energy levels, increase in body fat, poor hair and skin condition, tendency to become very emotional, such as crying as well as a loss of libido and generally a loss of life force and drive.

Having spoken to thousands of men and women during our lecture series on health, these problems are very real and can cause many ongoing problems and difficulties in relationships. Where your confidence may be at a low ebb, a simple blood test can determine if hormone levels are dropping. And if they are, it is easy to remedy.

Medics may recommend Tetro Gel patches for example, but I believe a natural solution is better. We don't know the long-term effects of patches and gels to regulate our hormone levels.

Both for men and women, the first thing you should do is to get on a low GI food plan. No white flour products, no sugar, no low-fat foods that have been chemically modified with added sugar. Also things like palm oil and fruit sugar etc.

High GI foods interfere with hormone levels. The most effective way to normalise your hormone level is to start a weight-training programme. Using weights stimulates the production of hormones. Weights keep the body lean, reducing the body fat, which will occur when hormone levels are balanced.

One client had recently been weight training for three months, went from hormone level 2 back to level 10, which is back to normal levels, with body fat decreasing, energy levels up, mood improved, and overall wellness. So start training today.