Tuesday 12 November 2019

The energy option

Transform your regular breakfast into a mood-boosting, energy-raising meal by making these small changes:

>Instead of white toast and jam, try wholemeal toast, rye toast or oatcakes with any of the following: scrambled, poached or boiled eggs, smoked salmon, smoked haddock, fish paté, peanut butter, baked beans, hummus and grated cheese.

>Instead of fruit yoghurt, try live bio natural yoghurt with chopped fresh fruit or raisins and seeds, nuts or oat flakes.

>Instead of porridge and honey, try half a bowl of porridge oats mixed with half a bowl of plain yoghurt, chopped fresh fruit or raisins, and seeds or nuts.

>Instead of a bowl of cornflakes or sugar puffs, try a bowl of cereal (not sugared or with honey), chopped fresh fruit or raisins, and seeds or nuts.

>Instead of a fruit smoothie, try a smoothie made from plain yoghurt, apple juice and seeds or half a banana and a few nuts; or a fruit smoothie blended with silken tofu.

>Instead of a cup of coffee, try a cup of decaffeinated coffee, decaffeinated tea, green tea or peppermint tea.

>Instead of a bowl of muesli, try low-sugar muesli, chopped fresh fruit and extra nuts and seeds.

>Instead of a plain croissant, try a ham and cheese croissant.

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