Saturday 16 December 2017

Sex is still the answer for the over 40s

THIS weekend I learned that there may be less time left for some serious jiggy jiggy than I had previously anticipated. In fact, I shall have to be vigilant about not losing my sexual urges altogether in a few years time.

The reason I know this, is that at the weekend I was flicking through one of those sales inserts that come in newpapers. It's a little hobby of mine as you never know what you might find -- such as a full-length mirror that fits in your handbag.

Anyway, my wake-up call came last Saturday as I leafed through a publication by Easylife who, among other things, had an offer of a 'Sex for the Over 40s DVD for ¤18.99 or three for ¤46.99', which includes a disc on 'Better Oral Sex Techniques'.

The blurb helpfully tells you that it is possible to rekindle the passion in your love-making because "40 certainly doesn't mean over the hill as regards sexual intimacy".

This was good and bad news all at the same time. I am not yet 40, but I immediately started to plan how to maximise the time that is left open to me. I'd heard tales of sex lives dwindling as time passes by -- but I thought this applied to much older people, or those with young kids.


The blurb ended on a positive note though, as the "DVDs show that love-making really can improve with age".

I should bloody well hope so -- a Brucie bonus for all the hard work one puts in over the years.

All of which, is why horse trainer Peter Casey caused such a sensation with his saucy comments on live television after seeing his horse Flemenstar romp home at Leopardstown recently.

"I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I'll sleep tonight. I'll have f**kin' sex tonight and everything," he told RTE presenter Tracy Piggott.

Casey, who is 'over-70', has now become a poster boy for those among us who do not intend on becoming sexually redundant at an early age.

As Woody Allen said: "I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer."

>dee o'keeffe

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