Saturday 18 January 2020

Rosanna Davison explains why nutrient-packed avocados are considered one of nature's perfect fruits

Rosanna Davidson
Rosanna Davidson

Avocados and I go way back… they were the first solid food I started on as a baby and it's been a delicious love affair ever since!

There are few more enjoyable flavours than ripe avocado, yet their mild creaminess is also incredibly versatile and lends itself well to both sweet and savoury recipes. Indeed, chocolate avocado mousse is a favourite sweet treat in my household and tastes surprisingly similar to the real thing.

Avocado also happens to be one of the best foods for maintaining healthy, supple and youthful skin. The abundant monounsaturated fats can have a powerful effect against ageing, particularly helping to build smooth skin and support healthy joints. They soften and lubricate your skin from the inside out as your skin cells are forming, and help to strengthen your cell membranes.

The antioxidant vitamins A, C and E in avocados are essential for protecting and healing your complexion from everyday toxins and pollutants, and their iron and copper content helps to boost antioxidant enzyme levels in your body. They're considered by many as one of nature's most perfect foods.

While some dietary fat is essential, they are still rather rich in calories, which is why I aim to eat around half an avocado a day. But if you're especially active, then a full avocado or more is ideal fuel for a busy lifestyle, and they make the perfect quick snack on the go.

Roast Portabello Mushrooms stuffed with Chilli-Lime Avocado
Roast Portabello Mushrooms stuffed with Chilli-Lime Avocado

Avocados are a good source of potassium for healthy blood pressure, amino acids to aid muscle repair, and are easy to digest. They're best enjoyed raw to avail of their living enzymes, as our bodies run on living enzymes as the catalyst for every biochemical reaction.

Making healthier food choices everyday can really help to lower stress levels. Have you heard of the mineral magnesium? Found in green leafy veggies, nuts and seeds, avocados and a range of other whole plant foods - it's nature's own sedative and the perfect antidote to stress, also helping to improve sleep. The mineral is also an essential driving force behind over 300 different enzyme reactions in the body.

The standard Western diet tends to be higher in processed foods, which generally lack magnesium, and not enough whole plant foods, which are full of it! This simple tasty recipe for roast portobello mushrooms stuffed with chilli-lime avocado is packed with goodness, and is a great snack or light meal.

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