Friday 15 December 2017

Reasons to do Reiki

INSOMNIA is also often effectively handled with reiki.

It doesn’t interfere with medications that you may already be taking — it truly is a complementary therapy. The healing energy has also proven very effective for cancer patients, too.

A REIKI workshop is generally done over the course of a weekend, and will allow you to learn how to administer the healing energy. After a reiki workshop, you will be able to tend to your own needs, and offer it to friends and family. Should you be inspired to go further, advanced workshops are available as well. There’s any number on the internet.

ANIMALS respond very well to reiki, and they tend to absorb it faster than humans because they don’t worry about whether it’s working or not, the way that humans often do!

LIKEWISE, children benefit hugely from reiki treatments (left). They incorporate the healthy changes that reiki inspires much more quickly than world-weary adults.

YOU can find a practitioner on the Reiki Federation Ireland website, www.reikifederationireland.com. All practitioners on the database abide by the code of ethics set down by this governing body.

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