Sunday 21 January 2018

Prime to hide the shine

Will these shine-control products make your skin smooth and matte or just plain dull?

RIGHT, so: after the cleanser, the toner and the moisturiser, and before the foundation and powder, we’re supposed to think about primer and shine control?

It’s a wonder that our faces don’t fall off.

The six products below offer either to create the perfect canvas for your maquillage (primer) or to ensure that your face doesn’t shine like the moon (shine control). Read on for my verdict.

PHILOSOPHY Never Let Them See You Shine, €18 * * *

This goes on with a whisper, but seems to suck all the light out of your skin. Okay, I realise that the goal is to go matte, but this seems to go more matte than you might like. If you do shine excessively, this might be the one for you — it wasn’t for me.

L’ORÉAL Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer, €13.99 * * * * *

This didn’t have as much ‘glide’ as I would have liked, and I felt that I had to use a lot to ensure it did its job. However, it did allow the rest of my make-up to be applied like a dream, so that’s something to be glad about.

ELEMIS Daily Shine Control, €42 * * * * *

Oh, everything from Elemis smells so delicious, you feel as if it’s also doing its job really well. And this one totally does that, taking the shine off but somehow letting one’s lovely complexion show through. Gorgeous!

DERMALOGICA Clearing Mattifier, €48 * * * *

This does double duty, in that it purports to clear up your spots even as it smoothes out your skin. It does do both these things, and perhaps it was just misfortune on my part that it encouraged a spot to surface. And it did lay down a good foundation for the foundation, it must be said.

SISLEY Instant Perfect, €44 * *

My skin felt far too dry after application; it felt too dry during application! The tube is tiny, too, and the amount I had to use was way out of proportion to its purpose.

CLARINS Instant Smooth, €22 * * * * *

A cunning little pot of priming goodness, this Clarins offering rings all the bells. It is rich, goes on so softly that it feels like your fingers have turned into feathers, and creates a perfect surface for the rest of your regime. A winner.

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