Monday 18 December 2017

Pat Henry - Six-pack workout - Week 6

We are still working on tummy, abs, lower back and hips. This is the core of all power coming from the abs and solar plexus area. Repeat each exercise aiming for three sets of 20 reps. Remember abs are 70pc diet . . . no junk food.

Exercise 1

1A: Lying with shoulders on the ball, feet on ground, get your balance.

1B: When balanced, crunch forward, exhaling as you do so, and tighten tummy.

Exercise 2

2A: Lie on the floor, heels resting on ball.

2B: Raise hips about six inches off the ground and squeeze tummy muscles and hips as you move upwards.

Exercise 3

3A: With heels on ball get your balance with shoulders on ground.

3B: For a more advanced upward movement, tighten tummy and squeeze hips as you move upwards, also tighten legs.

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