Monday 11 December 2017

Pat Henry Six-pack workout - Week 5

All movements working core, abs and obliques or side of waist. Always be carefull of lower back and no sudden movements

Exercise 1

1A: Resting shoulders on the ball, feet flat on the ground, find your centre of balance.

1B: Rolling gently forward exhale going into crunch position, squeeze tummy as you roll up, keeping shoulders on the ball.

Exercise 2

2A: Feet on ball, hands on the ground, knees towards your chest get your balance.

2B: Straighten your legs while flexing tummy and exhaling as you squeeze tummy.

Exercise 3

3A: Get into press-up position, keeping body straight.

3B: Rotate sideways lifting arm upwards. Return to start position. Be careful with balance.

Working: Core muscles — just be careful with balance.


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