Friday 24 November 2017


We all need to be worried when the gorgeous Sharon Corr is being judged in need of some facial maintenance following her appearance on RTE's talent show, The Voice. Singer Sharon is 41, has a successful recording career, is a busy working mum-of-two, and her sculpted prettiness has long secured her a position as one of the country's enduring lookers.

Dublin cosmetic specialist-to-the-stars Danielle Meagher took to Facebook following her TV appearance to suggest that Sharon has lost volume in her face and would benefit from some facial fillers, and some Botox to her forehead.

Danielle, who runs the DermaFace clinic which specialises in lip-fillers and Botox, is set to appear in TV3's new fly-on-the-wall reality series, Southside Housewives, about our city's glamorous socialites.

It's a no-win situation for women -- you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Sharon stands accused of under-doing it, while a trend for overdosing on cosmetic enhancements is now becoming so common among the young and pretty, that leading fashion and beauty bible W Magazine has gone as far as identifying what it calls "the latest spate of beauty-related disorders".

The magazine has identified six ways in which it believes young women become obsessive about their appearance -- from over-doing false eye lashes and teeth whitening, to excessive use of Botox, chemical peels and hair extensions.

If something is considered to enhance her appearance, a woman is at risk of wanting more of it done. Or perhaps, once she has one procedure done, the promise of improving other areas of her face with more work becomes too hard to resist.

Are you guilty of over-dosing on any of the following beauty enhancements?


Described as a fixation with making eyelashes appear thick and erect at all times.

Symptoms: Over-use of prescription Latisse -- a cosmetic treatment for the augmentation of lashes -- or other eyelash "conditioners", or frequent reapplication of mascara. It's part of what is known as 'Red Carpet Face', or having a perma-squint resulting from lids being weighed down with copious amounts of lash.


Excessive exfoliation, whether using scrubs, organic fruit extracts, chemical peels using trichloroacetic acid, or the ever popular microdermabrasion using a diamond-encrusted sanding wand . . . until skin is red raw, and a victim rather than a benefactor of having skin cells removed.

Symptoms: Socialising with dermatologists -- or at least befriending them on Facebook.


Craving for teeth which are the colour of freshly painted white walls, and envying Beyonce and Cheryl Cole's sparkling smiles.

Symptoms: Sleeping with a hydrogen peroxide--filled mouth guard even when he's in bed beside you. Refusing to eat liquorice or drink red wine and, as far as possible, limiting oral intake to pale foods and white wine.


A mania for bleached or highlighted hair to appear bombshell blonde, no matter what one's ethnic origins. Stars who often appear to have overdone the bleach include Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera.

Symptoms: Hair the consistency of straw. According to W Magazine, sufferers are often seen in proximity of rich men, hot tubs, and reality-TV shows


An obsessive need for frequent injections of botulinum toxin into your face in an attempt to be as smooth and wrinkle-free as a marble statue. The muscle-relaxing agent Botox has been blamed for the plethora of stars with 'frozen' faces including Nicole Kidman and Teri Hatcher.

Symptoms: Failure to see when you've over-done it and look like a walking wax work from Madame Tussauds.


An obsessive need for skin to appear the colour of a citrus fruit or a dark-furniture gloss finish. This propensity for young Irish women to try and look like they live in another country is there to be seen in TV3's reality TV show Tallafornia.

Symptoms: Thinking Snooki from Jersey Shore looks sexy.


A desperation for long hair, no matter how expensive or time consuming -- and not as a treat for a debs or a wedding -- but because you want to wake up looking like Kim Kardashian every morning.

Symptoms: Amazing overnight hair growth, sometimes as long as 10 inches of growth a night. Followers often have a violent reaction to having their hair touched or stroked, caressed, patted, or pulled. No one wants to lose an expensive hair extension after all.

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