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my perfect weekend

On Friday night I'd: Love to put my feet up after a good week's work and relax by a blazing fire while enjoying some good food and good company.

My favourite stiff drink is: I love a glass of prosecco, it has to said. But if we're going stronger than that well then it has to be vodka, slimline tonic and a slice of lime for me.

Saturday morning lie-on or gym session: I do love a lie-in, especially as my job is so physical. Getting up at my leisure, followed by a gym session at TBT Sandyford to clear my mind is a great start to any day.

My favourite item of clothing is: My Converse for comfort, and high heels for a bit of glamour. I have a vintage antique necklace I bought at a fare in the south of France, which I also love.

My Saturday night fever: A night out with the girls, starting with a nice dinner to catch up and then some dancing and cocktails.

My favourite hangover cure: My bed, really, with loads of tea and French toast in the morning and a Chinese takeaway and a good movie in the evening, in the company of my nearest and dearest.

On Sunday I rest by: Having a lie-in if I don't have to work and waking to a nice breakfast in bed while catching up on the soaps. Relaxing at home or visiting family and friends.

I'm currently reading: A book on the history of the Titanic. I love history, so I'm fascinated by what happened.

One of my lifelong dreams would be to physically go and see the wreck all those miles under the ocean.

My last supper: All my closest family and friends sitting around at a table in candlelight and with white peony roses and enjoying a home-cooked lasagna and crunchy garlic bread with a salad washed down with prosecco. Yum!

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